The indieprints story

Indieprints was the creation of London and North Wales based artist, Dave Lawson. Dave was born in Watford in 1972 and sadly died in March 2021. We know from the glowing reviews and warm messages Dave received through his shop on Etsy that his art prints are much loved and keeping them available seemed like a fitting way to continue his legacy. He was a prolific producer of art and during his life amassed a huge collection of designs. Many of them can be seen here, and more will be added over time.

Dave was big music fan and a keen gig-goer, especially focussed on the indie scene which rose up during the ‘80s. In particular, labels such as Sarah Records, bands like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, My Bloody Valentine and The Go-Betweens – their influence shines through in the designs he went on to create. He also took inspiration from iconic figures such as Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and David Bowie.

By marrying snippets of lyrics from loved songs with sympathetic designs he created something that was both a celebration of the song and its message, but also an amplification of its power and presence in our memories. There is poignancy and emotional heft in these designs, as well as a playful humour.

He was an obsessive collector of gig tickets, fanzines, comics and magazines. The various ephemera he collected sparked ideas and gave a strong foundation to his designs. Stylistically you can see aspects of Swiss Modernism, plus assorted vintage design and typography in Dave’s artwork.

Dave was a dedicated and well-travelled football fan. His football based designs capture the sense of belonging and pride that comes from being a life-long supporter. They combine popular terrace chants with striking images of the hallowed football grounds. He also managed to capture other aspects of football culture such as the crossover between the young Casuals and the music scene.

His love of London can be seen in the sheer number of designs he created. Dave lived there for most of his adult life and felt a deep connection to the places he knew and worked in. Similarly when he moved to North Wales in 2015, where much of his family live, he started producing designs that reflected the landscape and places that he explored.

We hope you enjoy viewing Dave’s artwork, and if there are any designs missing from the collection that you remember from his old Etsy shop then please get in touch and let us know.

Clare (Dave’s sister), Simon (Dave’s brother-in-law) and Astrid (Dave’s daughter)


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